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How to Choose a Therapist

The right therapist makes a difference.

Choosing the right therapist during times of stress can be difficult. Let us assist you in finding a treatment which best meets your needs. When you make a decision to look for professional help you are doing something that takes courage and may be unfamiliar. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right therapist, such as licensure, experience, training, location, hours available, fees, insurance considerations, and other personal preferences and concerns. Finding you a highly qualified experienced therapist, who has successfully treated others with similar problems, is our commitment to you. When you call our offices, we will discuss your needs with you in terms of your presenting difficulties, hours and days available, insurance needs, and any other personal preferences and concerns and have the therapist call you directly, if you wish, to answer your questions and schedule and appointment.

It is important to look for a therapist who is familiar with your area of concern. Our health care professionals are all licensed, highly trained, credentialed, experienced and caring licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, clinical social workers and psychotherapists. These therapists have been chosen because of their success in treating a variety of problems. Our therapists have advanced training and supervision in areas such as relationship issues, marriage difficulties, family problems, anxiety, depression, stress, childhood behavioral, emotional and learning problems, substance abuse and many other areas of concern. Our marriage and couples counselors have successfully dealt with marital difficulties and relationship issues, such as loss of love and affection, jealously, infidelity, anger, and communication difficulties.

Our therapists are warm, compassionate professionals, many of whom are respected authors, medical school staff and university faculty, who have appeared on TV and radio news, talk shows, and other educational forums. Our therapists include a group, who share a concern regarding the quality and confidentiality of care available to our clients. Some of our therapists provide brief, problem-solving therapy; while others provide longer-term depth therapy to aim for major personality and behavioral changes. Some therapists are experienced in both approaches and provide an integrative model of therapy. 

When medically necessary, our psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychiatrists are experienced in successfully providing evaluation and medication management for anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other problems

Our therapists have been chosen because of their success with former patients and because of the positive feedback we have received from former patients. Nevertheless, even the most experienced, successful, well-known therapist in a particular area may not be the best therapist for you. Therapists vary widely in personality and approach. Therefore, some therapists will be a better match for you than others. Successful therapy depends on your working with someone with whom you feel comfortable. While it is true that you are going to a therapist for his or her expertise, it is also very important for you to trust your own perceptions and feelings. Feel free to discuss your reactions with the therapist, and see how you feel about his or her responses. Make sure you have a sense of being able to develop a sense of trust in the therapist you select, and that you feel safe, respected, and understood. If you do not feel comfortable with the first therapist we select for you, feel free to discuss your concerns with us and we will find you a therapist who is a better fit. Your records can be transferred to the new therapist with your permission. Because of our expertise in matching patients with therapists, fortunately most patients are happy with the first selection.

Fees and insurance are a major consideration for many people when they choose a therapist. When you call our offices, we will discuss our fees, check your insurance, let you know your possible benefits, and try to find you a therapist on your panel if you request this. At a Center for Therapy our fees are determined on an individual basis with consideration for your circumstances. Most medical insurance plans cover part or all of the cost of treatment. Many of our therapists participate on numerous insurance panels, EAPs, HMOs, PPOs, EPOs and POSs including Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthnet, IDA, Magellan, Managed Health Network, United Health Care, Value Behavioral Health, UBH, Oxford, Devon, Multiplan, First Health, One Health, Medicare, CHN, PHCS, Beech Street and many others. Call our office so we can help to match you with a therapist accepted by your insurance plan. 

Some patients choose to use out-of-network benefits or pay directly for their services, in order to be able to increase their confidentiality, choose any therapist they want, and increase the flexibility of types of treatment and number of visits available to them. Because the number of sessions is limited with managed care and because the managed care company monitors your therapy, you may find that managed care coverage does not meet your needs. You may want more confidentiality, and you may want or need to continue therapy longer than your insurance will allow. Some plans allow you to choose an out-of-network therapist, who can offer more confidentiality and often longer treatment.
Hours, days available and locations are another consideration when choosing a mental health professional. We offer flexible daytime, evening and weekend hours in convenient, professional locations in New York and Northern and Central New Jersey. Appointments are available on weekdays, evening, Saturday and Sunday in many locations. Check our Location Pages for specific information about the offices most convenient for you.

If you are selecting a therapist from our practice, we can assist you by taking into account the reasons you are seeking therapy, the therapist’s specialty, your possible needs related to time availability, gender, geographic locations, insurance and fee considerations, and other individual concerns and preferences.

We can help you make an informed decision when you choose a therapist. We will match you with a caring and experienced professional who has successfully helped others with problems similar to yours. Choosing to enter therapy is an important decision which shows that you have the courage to change a difficult situation, the determination to make things better, a sense of hope and optimism and a willingness to heal and grow. We hope this information will help you choose a therapist you can trust, respect, and work with towards your therapeutic goals.

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Panic Attacks
Fears & Phobias
Social Anxiety
Compulsive Disorder
Chronic Worry
Traumatic Stress

Major Depression 
Bipolar Disorder 

Communication Problems
Loss of Love
Lack of Affection
Conflicting Values
Sexual Difficulties
Pre-marital Issues


Substance Abuse

Attention Deficit Disorder 
Child ADHD 
Adult ADHD 

Low Self-esteem 
Anger Management 
Mid-Life Crises 
Obsessive Love 
Excessive Worry 
Fear Of Flying
Speech Anxiety
Test Anxiety

Substance Abuse 
ACOA Issues 

 Behavioral Issues
Emotional Problems 
Learning Problems 
School Issues 


Parenting Issues
Family of Origin
Conflicting Values
Blended Family

Coming Out
Couple Issues 

Loss of independence
Loss of Friends
Adult Children
Family Issues
Caregiver Issues
Assisted Living 
Long Term Care

Death & Dying
Financial Loss 
Loss of Independence
Loss of Loved Ones
Loss of Job
Loss of Family

Adjusting to Illness
Adjusting to Disability
Chronic Pain
Caregiver Issues

Role Issues
Self Esteem
Work Stress
Financial Concerns
Career Issues
Relationship Concerns
Sexual Issues


Job Stress
School Stress
Relationship Stress
Separation & Divorce
Life Changes

Role Issues 
Fear of Success



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